Monday, 28 April 2008

Wed 26th March

Game Over
The fifth and final day of cricket saw England close out the series 2:1 after giving the Kiwi's a one-nil head start in Hamilton just a couple or three weeks ago. Met up with Michelle & Sam - a couple I'd met out in Nelson on St Paddy's day. They are a great couple although Michelle was a bit delicate this morning. As is customary England made heavy weather of it and let's face it this Black Caps side isn't very good. Their top order is the main problem and with Stephen Fleming retiring I can see more problems ahead, that said Ross Taylor struck the ball well and looks a very good prospect.

A Sign Of The Times
Rode in the Esk Valley, a short Kopter flight west of Napier. It is blessed with good flowing tracks and lots of 'em. The tracks are mostly man-made through forested areas. In th same way that each ski run usually has a name, each man-made bike track on a hillside will have it's own name. Here I found my favourite track of all, not really for the way it rides, but because it afforded me ample opportunity to have my photo taken next to the sign pointing out the track's name: 'Ledge'. Amused me no end and especially as I've now figured out how to set the timer on my camera(only taken me 3 years), it's opened up a whole new world!

Taupo And The Pig Stabber
Checked in to Burke's Backpackers in Taupo, a tourist town nestled on NZ's largest lake with the same name, formed by a massive volcanic explosion some 28.000 year ago. Traditional big night out first night up after meeting 'Lou' a proper hunter an trapper. He stabs pigs for fun and I felt thoroughly safe hanging with the kiwi version of Crocodile Dundee all night @ Kasbar - a Maori/local place.

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