Monday, 28 April 2008

Friday April 4th

Australia On Hold
Supposed to be giving car back and flying to Sydney today. Nah, that's not gonna happen.

Sorry, Was That Your Head?
Woke up aboard The Rock and we went for a stroll on Robinson Island, the sight of yet more tragedy, this time an over enthusiastic Maori slayed an English family as they'd offended him by putting their washing out on a Tuesday. Fair play bredbin. Engaged in some sea kayaking before heading back to terra firma.

Promises Promises
Kept promise to German Anne and drove her West to Omapere despite wanting a party in Pahia. The sunset was stunning over the huge sand dunes that guard the entrance to the Hokianga inlet, we just sat in the car and watched it for a a good hour.

The Globetrekkers Backpackers
...was superb, great location, well kitted out, friendly hosts and a proper atmosphere between diverse groups, no architypical 'don't talk to the locals' here thank goodness. I dined on free Kahawai (pronounced 'Karwhy'). French Canadian Etienne (to whom I was indebted for my supper) spent most of the night wielding a spear gun and with a determined look on his face telling the rest of the resident that he was going to catch a Kingfish the next day. We all hoped he would but given that no one has caught one in these waters for 6 years it was highly unlikely.

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