Monday, 28 April 2008

Friday 28th March

Rode in The Redwoods
... (giant Californian Redwoods) bike park, great track, well marked, and although it is very popular I never got held up by other riders. Took on Double Drop, Hot X Buns and so on. Most enjoyable, knee ready to explode when pedaling with seat down. Time to get the Fred Funk outta here and headed to ...

... for the evening. Rocked up at the Mini Tel, my room was indeed mini. Micro might be a better description. Quietish evening as the great and the good came out in various states of dress from st ag rags to glad rags and back again. Made it to the Hamilton meeting which was a breath of fresh air. Wasn't exactly mobbed by hospitality and so cruised on up the road and bombed up thru Auckland (it felt too city/stressy to turn off) and across the bridge on N1 Highway. Stayed in Owera at the Pillows Travellers Rest in a dorm. Ear plugs, we salute you as an elderly member of the travelling community snored all night. He woke up the next day and cracked open the Kiwi equivalent of a can of Special Brew. Owera is a pretty little beach town which I can imagine gets really busy with the 1.4 million JAFA's that live half an hour down the road.

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