Monday, 28 April 2008

Thu April 3rd

Quiet please
Had a gentle nosey around Waitanghe (Why-a-tang-ee)where a NZ as we know it was born thanks to a treaty signed between a couple of well-to-do Brits and a host of Maori tribal leaders. Rumour has it we ripped the Maori's off but I couldn't possibly comment.

The Rock
Boarded The Rock, a converted car ferry an spent the early evening shooting (plastic) ducks and failing to catch any fish for the onboard barbie. The crew looked after us brilliantly and by the end of the night we were anchored up in the middle of the Bay of Islands with a Scotsman called Spruce entertaining us with jokes and general merriment. Oh, and if you go swimming in the dark you get the little plankton creatures that phospho-luminess (glow Jon!) when you touch them as you swim. It's like having a green aura. Last time I saw this was 2hrs north of Gothenburg with the Wardster and Wiggo. Slept on the narrowest cabin bed in the universe, it was a miracle I did nae fall oot during the night.

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