Monday, 28 April 2008

Tuesday 8th April

In contrast to yesterday's general Auckland-induced malaise twas a day of action and decision making.

Knocked any plans of flying to Sydney and headed for Tairua. I'm not ready to leave this great country just yet and I must see the Coromandel before I go.

Au revoir The 575
Got my bike boxed at Velo Cycles and left it with them. Result.

Arriva derci Mark IV Shandy Kopter
Dropped off the Shandy Kopter and made sure the rental company retired it to a motor vehicle museum. We'd clocked up 5000k's me and that little baby, and the speeding fines didn't seem to have registered with the rental firm so I kept quiet and slinked away after saluting the Pulsar one last time, she was already being prepared for her next mission; a drugs smuggling campaign across South America. Drove to the top of the little hill that guards Tirua harbour which is two hours ast of Auckland in the beautiful Coromandel region of NE of N NZ. Met a wacky Austrian who hated the 'Ze Cherman accent' (whilst clearly having one himself (sorry mate but you do!) and told us a gag: 'Vot are you sinking?'. Had very tasty lamb cutlets and an early night. As promised Ernst was up an at 'em and raring to teach us how to windsurf. The trick is to get the tide right ...

– very busy and in my humble opinion overrated although granted, it is a little unusual to be able to sit on (or more accurately in - you dig holes in the sand to feel the heat) a thermally heated beach as the tide comes in, and we're talking proper hot water. The sort only naughty boys and girls can get into.

Delish lamb shank for tea.

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