Monday, 14 April 2008

Mon 10th March 2008

The Altamont Lodge
is the best run backpackers I have stayed at so far. Everything is provided and in sensible places. Big shout out to the owners for getting it right. The owners seem to have a bit of a property portfolio going, you can even buy shares in the place. The only downside is that the walls are pretty thin, but I nobody kept me awake at night, mainly because it was morning before I arrived home! Hehehe.

Plantation Trails
Headed out from Wanaka along the beautiful lake shoreline and after a good few kilometers and lots of gawping at the lakeside views I found that I'd circumnavigated the Plantation Trails. I was supposed to be headed. No matter, I backtracked and after the usual head scratching because there are no signposts or proper maps (the maps they serve up at the info site in town are more confusing than they are helpful!) I finally found the ride area. The locals have stacked up some great tracks based around just a couple of moderately proportioned hills.

Stumbled upon Easy Street which gives you easy access to the start of many of the downhill runs. A northern Irish fella by the name of 'Johnny' had recommended I had a go at the Kooza track. His advice was spot on. It's a great little track with jumps that sstart small at first and then get bigger and bigger. I did the run several times and challenged myself to do progressively more of the jumps. Twas a bit hairy at first but I got into it and the 757 coped admirably with the sometimes heavy landings. Rode home along the lakeside taking in the views across Lake Wanaka and out towards Mt Aspiring.

Back to The Altimont. Cooked myself a fine lamb stir fry then rode into town for a big one at The Cow.

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