Monday, 28 April 2008

Sunday 6th April

Sad goodbye to Hokianga Harbour, grabbed on last photie then bombed to Kai Iwa Lakes which are defo worth a trip and for future reference waterskiing on them is go.

Took the Kopter for a spin on Bayleys Beach and nearly sank the old faithful but a burst of the afterburner saw me safely back onto the blackstuff (not Guiness Wiggo!) and ate at the Funky Fish Cafe.

Arrived at Uenuku (Rainbow) Lodge in the rather fashionable Auckland suburb of Ponsonby, a bit like Didders in Manchester or dare I say it The Old Town in Stevenage (you are my Saint Nage, my only Saint Nage). If I lived here I'd petition the local council to change the name but hey ho. Re-met Anke which was a pleasant surprise and went out for some food in the city and met Helen - one of Caz's mates. Helen showed us around the harbour area, I forced the ladies to watch the Rugby Sevens final then we drove back to Ponso for a nightcap or five.

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