Monday, 28 April 2008

Thu 27th March

Aching of the head.

Rode to Huka Falls and Aratiatia Dam, tailed a pretty rapid female biker until I had to stop and sight-see. Fodder at The Welshman Tui and the boys me me feel welcome as we rocked the Kasbar and everywhere else. Free Thermal dip at the Spa. Weird sensation hot and cold springs and Waikato river. Like running your finger under a mixer tap, you know half of the water is unbearably hot and some unbearably cold but because they are mixing a little you can manage both sensations without being scolded or frozen. Mud pool half way between Taupo and Rotorua, like being on another planet. Avoided paying for nature's free gifts where possible.

A heavy Maori influence. Everyone but everyone is a 'bro' here. Stayed at Treks, had a night out as is traditional. Quality pianist turned up after hours and treated us to some luscious tunes. A late one.

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