Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Wed 14th May

Quiet day, wanted away from the hustle and bustle so after a brief trip down the infamous Khao San road I headed to a park by the river and played my guitar along with a couple of bongo players and three didgerydoo artists. We sounded good. I had some young Thai school boy watching me like a little hawk. He sat and listened from a distance at first and gradually made his way closer and closer until he was sat next to me on the bench. At first I was a bit perturbed by this unnatural proximity and the fact that he couldn't speak a word of English nor I Thai. He began playing air guitar. At this point I was unsure whether he was going to ask for money or something like that. In the end it seems he just wanted to listen to the guitar and was genuinely interested. It was a shame that I felt he was after something, but having been here 48 hour it seems that most of his elders are inclined to make money from westerners in preference to making friends. Not sure who's fault this is but is certainly is uncomfortable as you walk the streets and get constantly pestered to spend the white mans money. It certainly is an eye opener wandering the streets.

A night in, somehow I managed to get addicted to Crack-Attack (no jokes please) a tetris-like game on my computer whilst watching Lindsey Lohan on Herbie Fully Loaded. Walt Disney hang your heads in shame, you've raped and pillaged a childhood hero of mine.

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