Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Monday 21st April

To Straddie
Drove us to the wine warehouse, the beer warehouse and was in danger of snapping the Ford Falcon station wagon in half. Getting on and off the Straddie car ferry was a bit touch and go!

Night Swimming
Jez and Caz were chuffed to bits with our Anchorage resort at Point Lookout. Each room looks over the bush which in a few short yards gives way to a beautiful white sand beach; Home Beach. The sand has a peculiar property in that as you walk on it it squeaks beneath your feet, I've never encountered that before. Needless to say Home Beach was in prestine condition and being inbetween the main beach towns of Amity and Point Lookout is hardly frequented by other holiday makers. Having grown up on the beach in Freemantle, WA, and having not been swimming in the sea for a personal record (I've heard of PB's, is it possible to have a personal worst?) eight months, Jez was dying to jump in the sea. After unloading 12 million litres of alcohol he and Caz dived into the sea with gusto. Two minutes later a rather concerned local came running across to us advising that they get out of the water immediately as this stretch of beach was infested with Bull sharks and that they come out to feed around about now (dusk). That warning was duly ignored and The small band of early-adopters headed to the pub at Point Lookout which was an unexpectedly posh affair.

It's a Mans World
The trip to the pub involves a 15 minute stroll along Home Beach. We entered the pub and immediately clocked an outdoor pool table. We'd all had a 'traveler' enroute (a beer brought with you specifically for the journey) and so on reaching the pub we made a bee line for the loo. As Jez and I walked in he pointed to the layout of the loo's and proudly proclaimed 'Only in a country as great as Straya would you have the mens toilets closer to the baaaa than the womens'. Think about it.

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