Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Friday 16th May

Riverside then excellent Blues @ The Brasserie. Hardly appreciated but the guy looked and sounded like Sir James Marshall Hendrix.
Fashion night club (haha, brilliant) then ended up talking to 2 US dudes who were spot on, Pete and Alan - who defo abides. Talked about the need for balanced agricultural systems, the use of GM crops and so on outside in the warm night by the VW campervan bar next door to the infamous Spicey's nightclub. Enter at your peril. In fact I did, to go to the loo ofcourse. Tis a little alarming. You walk on in there and unzip and just when your defenses are down and you have your hands full, or nearly empty, some white shirt wearing Thai boy will come up and start rubbing your back/neck/anything else. A little perturbed I enquired as to the meaning of this surprise attack. A fellow 'farang' (foreigner) suggested I just rolled with it and after I'd finished I had my neck and back cracked within about 2 seconds. Excellent work. The other farang lobbed in a couple of bhat on my behalf to the massage boys, well, men, well, it's hard to know around here.

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