Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Thursday 1st May

A slow start, I had the best lie in I've had in ages, I vaguely remember the girls setting off for school but apart from that I was out for the count until midday.
Today is a momentous day as it's the first day in a decade since I have officially not had a job.

Surfer Dave took me on a sightseeing tour of Noosa, we went swimming near 'A Bay' (Alexander Bay) the best spot in Noosa to catch a wave. Dave promised me we'd see dolphins, lizard dragon things, koala's, fruit bats and 'roos. Needless to say we didn't see any of the above and Dave declared me a wildlife jinx.

Surf Rage
We ate at Mr Fu's again, no sooner had we sat down than an oldish dude and his mate staggered down the street and proceeded to abuse myself and Dave as we sat outside the restaurant minding our own business. I'm not sure what sparked this incident, it might have been me grinning at the chump's inability to walk in a straight line, or any line, but he rocked on over and delivered a stinging message to me and me mate Dave. His pal was wisely motioning him to leave us alone. I was quietly enjoying the bloke making a complete div of himself. Anyways after we had gained the attention of everyone in the restaurant (most of whom were cowering or looking into their food like it was some sort of crystal ball - they were Europeans after all and thought this was a local dispute), the gangly old digger slurs his last. I'm sat there grinning at Dave and ask for a translation of the man's ramblings, I don't know whether he had the strongest Aussie accent ever or he was super-drunk or both, but I really didn't understand a word of what he said, he might as well have been talking in Swaheli. Dave wasn't too sure either, he couldn't figure out who the guy wanted a piece of, but did say that the bloke thought we were amateurs and that we could only talk to him once we'd stared down the face of a 'Fifteen footer(wave) in Indo(nesia)'. Fair play mate. As luck would have it we saw this goon the next day checking out of his hotel, he looked a little sheepish. A 15 footer in Indo ... put that on your 'Todo' list Me Shand!

Mr Fu then arrived like the British police, always conveniently five minutes behind the action, armed with a machette matched only in size by his grin.

A quiet night back at Chateaux Flanders, thank goodness.

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