Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Thurday 24th April

Cricket and touch rugby on the park as the bulk of the bucks and hen night crew had arrived forming an unlikely band of weekend warriors.

Get Your Socks Off Sally
As requested by the groom, and mainly for reasons of posterity rather than an unusual fascination with mass male public nudity, a Red Hot Chilli Peppers style photo of all the blokes who were on the buck night was arranged on the beach was organised to kick start the bucks night. About 30 or 40 of is lined up at sunset wearing nothing but a strategically placed sock. Some of the lads had garnered the biggest footy sock they could find and strapped it in place, it was quiet a funny sight, naturally I had to use a sleeping bag to cover my self up. We all just got on with it despite the beach being fully open to the public. No doubt that picture will be placed loud and proud on many a mantle piece. I wouldn't be surprised if it was to be published as a a calendar by Cosmo. The best part was that Carolines father Les who is arguably past the bloom of youth arrived dead last for the photo session. After stripping off and donning a moducum of modesty he gamely skipped across the beach The going-out part of the bucks night started off serenly enough with Team Socks engaging in the rather gentrified activity of bowls.

Bowls, Vegemite and WWF
After a good few 'ends' and several 'good woods', some on 'thumb peg' (backhand), some on 'finger peg' (forehand) things suddenly got messy. A surprise attack caught the groom unawares and before he knew it his muti-coloured frock and hat were, lets say, a little dishevelled. I won't even mention the Vegemite Incident. As mentioned above Jez was sporting a rather fetching, multi-coloured dress that was kind of a mixture of glam and earth mother. Needless to say the big fella pulled it off beautifully and with a large rimmed pink hat and makeup really looked the part in the land that puts the mens toilets before ladies. Large quantities of cocktails were imbibed, enough to kill a small elephant, I certainly would have been absolutely ruined if I'd have drunk that much, but Jez is a pro, followed by some Kiwi-on-Aussie smashing. It was interesting to see how quickly things had degenerated. At first we weren't allowed to take drinks across the bowling green and had to go bear foot. Just a couple of short hours later the green had turned into an oversized WWF ring with people slamming each other left right and centre. Needless to say Jez got more than his fair share of treatment. At one stage Caz's youngest brother Jason spear-tackled Jez and he landed on the artificial surface with a thud that could be felt in mainland China, infact haven't they just had a massive earthquake?! Ouch. Still, where there is no sense there is no feeling.

I Bring You Fire
Made a fire on the beach and got rumbled by the fire police. Not to worry, we were more than capable of making our own pyrotechnics and so it proved as the bucks night migrated into the swimming pool where the Kiwi's played Drown The Groom. That's where coverage of this event ends thanks folks.

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