Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Thursday 15th May

Woke early and after a shower I went to my local market stall and ordered my 50p breakfast of fresh mango, pineapple, banana, papayo, guava, yoghurt and muesli.
The plan was to have a swim at my hotel pool then hire a bike and do a ride on the east of the river away from the madding crowd. As thing turned out the pool didn't open til 10am and so I made enquiries about getting a train to Chiang Mai, the cultural capital of Thailand up in the NW of the country. Five minutes later I'm in there and booked on the 19:35 Special Express overnighter. Rek oG nize. Tis an 11 hour journey and costs about 12 pounds but includes a bed in an air conditioned sleeper unit. That'll do.

Spent the remainder of the day writing my blog (I got pretty slack in Straya) whilst sipping coconut juice and eating Thai green curry and all manner of other dishes which for a whole day of eating and drinking in a restaurant came to about five quid. I reckon I could retire here right now and still have enough money for a decent burial, although having said that given the Thai penchant for eating anything that moves they might eat me so I'd save money there too.

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