Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Saturday 26th April

The Day of the Wedding
Woke up to the sight of Jez and Steve making preparations in their party froks by the pool. They were looking quite dapper in their white cotton shirt and boardies. The Shand went for a boogie board and a little walk then it was time to put on my jandals and get dressed down for the most laid back wedding imaginable. We all gathered on the beach, sure enough a couple of oriental types descended like blood starved mosquitoes and began clicking furiously. As is traditional the bride kept us waiting a bit which amped up the tension on the beach. Myself and a couple of other unscrupulous reprobates were taking bets on Jezza having a blub during the ceremony. The Shandyman almost began to feel nervous as the expectant crowed milled about. The Western Australian comedy duo of Glen and Ian kept the throbbing masses in order rather like well trained sheepdogs. Fortunately there had been a media black-out for the wedding and so the paparazzi were nowhere to be seen, apart from the aforementioned orientals who took more photo's the wedding ceremony than all the rest of us put together, what is it with these freaks?

If Music be the Food of Love
The Shandyman had the honour of playing Cazza down the isle, well, the boardwalk and beach to be precise. Time of Your Life by Green Day, good choice.
The actual wedding ceremony was bang on, idyllic wouldn't be too strong a description. Jez had ordered in some fine weather for the weekend. Before long the knot was tied and the sun was making suggestions of disappearing gentle towards the western end of the beach. The Shand took time out to take it all in, it was one of those 'How lucky am I?' moments, sat alone amongst some new friends and some old, on the other side of the world from home, with a gorgeous white-sand beach softly glowing in the warm sunset, a turquoise blue ocean, without a care in the world and a cold VB freshly cracked open. The gathered throngs slowly moved from the beach back to the hotel for the speeches, food and drinks.

Let the Festivities Commence
By now we had the whole resort to ourselves and the owner of the resort had gone to Brisbane for the weekend. The vino flowed, I duly launched into the Champers and a very nice Sav. Blanc as supplied by Neil from Birmingham. Neil from Eumundi did a sterling job serving up the bevvies then it was speech time, followed by pony hitting (erm, not sure what the significance of this custom is) then the food arrived. I was too merry to engage in that sort of cheating.

Big Tone and Stevie evicted a couple of gate crashers and then the sing songs began. To my immense credit I brought a small piece of Preston North End to the island and rather gratifyingly the whole resort reverberated to the sound of Elvis' 'Wise Men Say'. Ahh happy days. I spared them a Nigel Spink.

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