Monday, 23 June 2008

Wednesday 21st May

Still spent the day convalescing but did manage to change rooms. The guesthouse (SK House) didn't make any fuss and gave me the room across the open-air landing. The old matress needed burning as far as I am concerned and I ruined two sets of sheets by laying a bloody waste to at least a hundred bedbugs in various stages of their lifecycle (adult are brown and the size of your little finger nail, juveniles are white/transparent or red, depending on whether they've had a snack or not). Poked around finding out about motorbike rentals.

Big shout out to The Man With The Heavy for recommending I get a bike and another big shout out to David Unkovich who authors GT Rider ( for his most informative guide to motorbike touring in the Golden Triangle (where Burma, Thailand and Laos meet, so called because of it's mountainous beauty and the fact that lots of money has been made here as the opium growing capital of the world). Looks like Mr Mechanics is the place to be for bike rental, on a Honda 250XR Baja. Watched the Aussie State of Origin game, supporting Queensland who are currently 14-4 down at half time. That's enuough for now, nature calls!

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