Monday, 23 June 2008

Saturday 17th May

Rather slow start today given a late night on it last night culminating in a White Russian Super Nova at the handily located VW Beetle bar know as 'The Van'. What a great innovation and you get free popcorn and entire Oasis albums played for free. A word of caution, this place is next door to Spiceys, the number one Thai Lady pick up point which is rammed full of gimpy looking farang and tiny little Thai girls. There's a no ladyboy policy at Spiceys so they all hang around outside at The Van. I have a strict policy of talking only to farang in such zones, except the free popcorn hander-outer who deserves a special mention. Missed out on DH biking but the owner understood that I had had a big night and said I could do it on Monday instead. The rest of the day was spent snoozing and generally recovering. No idea what I did in the evening, if there was cricket on the telly I guess I was watching that!

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