Monday, 23 June 2008

Monday 26th May

Pai Loop, Take Two
Big day on the bike, determined to complete the Chiang Mai-Mae Rim-Samoeng-Wat Chan-Pai-Chiang Mai loop. It was a big-ey and it didn't help that I missed a crucial turnoff. The road signs in Thailand are in Hebbie Gebbie language that don't resemble English letters at all so it's nigh on impossible to navigate at crossroads, junctions and so forth. Great riding, the off road sections around Wat Chan were great because it was wet and boggy and even though it wasn't super technical at all by mountain bike standards everything happens a bit quicker and therefore I soon learned to keep the power on in the messy sections and had a few nervy moments where it could have all gone Pete Tong. Saw a big snake snake at least 5ft mainly black with a bit of white on it slithering across the road very close to where I broke down. I resisted the temptation to give it a headache. It was quite a surprise to see that.
  • Mega sore arse.
  • Very dirty face.
  • Food at Pai with very attractive Australian sex therapist. Amazing who you meet.
  • Pretty hairy road from Pai to Chiang Mai, ripped up a good couple of hundred k's on the very twisty roads that descends from the mountains around the Pai valley to Chiang Mai. The rains made the downhill hairpin studded road quite treacherous so I was careful on the tight bends and kept the speed down. Very sensible, but wearing just shorts and no protective gear I couldn't afford an 'off' on the tarmac.
  • Continued on my Chiang Mai cricket initiation and have whittled it down to a mere 35 shots now.

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