Saturday, 15 March 2008

Tuesday 4th March 2008

Outdoor breakfast, muesli and a cup of cha to warm me up after a chilly night in the tent.
Naseby ride
Rode on some tracks thru ex-gold workings, lots of rutty washed out gulleys, again navigation was difficult even with a map.
Rode along a water race most of the afternoon as it meandered along between reservoirs and mine workings, continued my new favourite passtime of getting lost.
Drove to Clyde. Stayed at 'The Dam Pub' AKA Dunstan Hotel, $35, cricket on telly, massive pizza. Early night.


jez said...

kia ora shandyman
well crickets over and u somehow managed a win,over those world beating kiwis no less.lovely snap of you and harmison,he was dropped 5days later...conection?.
as caz and i leave in 3weeks thought i better fill you in on the play by play.
we arrive brisvegas on 20 april and will be staying at the mecure hotel brisbane central,to score a ride with us down to straddie you need to be there by 12.30pm on the 21st.if you end up staying with steve and liesa in auks give me a call from there,they have the number.
well bro hope your staying on the downhill keep the blogs coming as ther actually better than your company.
cheer cheer bro

jez said...

crap just noticed how bad my spelling...oh well at least im beautiful.