Saturday, 15 March 2008

Sunday 2nd March 2008

House of Rain
Today it rained and rained and rained. Tomorrow looks better. Just chilled around Dunedin in the Cafe's (Metro did me a great lamb salad). Not a lot else for it except gather information and plan my trip some more, which if you've not gathered is probably my favourite passtime. Really quiet night but did get to watch Sachin Tendulkar teach the Aussies not to bowl short in the first of three ODI finals. The Little Master notched a sublime hundred much to my enjoyment and indeed that of The Bog owner (an Irish pub that had the telly on). The owner looked like an angry version of Martin Johnson, I gave him a bodyswerve on my way in, but well timed applause for some of Sachin's shots got the nod of approval from the dude. Turns out he's a Kiwi who also enjoys watching the Oz get a humbling every now and then.

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